Get Involved

We would love anyone interested in volunteering their time and expertise, particularly with hands-on practical help, to contact us.

We hold informal¬† ‘open evenings’ every Wednesday from 7.00-8.00, where we discuss any upcoming activities and divvy up practical jobs. The more the merrier! (If the Vic’s being used, you’ll find us across the road at The Eagle.) We also hold regular ‘work days’ at the Vic.

Our current committee volunteers are:

John Paton, Bill Brennan, Dr Peter Smith, Wendy Eve, Karin Moorhouse,  Ann Sutton MBE, Will Hall, Richard Howells, Peter Crowe, Dr Justine Hextall.

Executive committee, working with the trustees:
Wendy Eve, Veronica Whitehorn, Kelly Mikulla, Debbie Kennedy, Ilona Harris

We also have a less formal band of fantastic helpers who regularly lend a hand with everything from cleaning to gardening to decorating. If you’re interested in joining them and/or being invited along on work days, email and we’ll let you know when the next one’s due to take place. Thanks!