We’ve stopped leaking!

WSCC logoAlthough the façade of The Victoria Institute is the thing that causes people the most despair (we’re working on it, we are!), the biggest threat to the building over the past two years has been damage caused by a leaking roof in poor weather.

The Red Room, the attic room and the downstairs studio have all suffered badly from this and the situation was getting rapidly worse, with a small lake forming in the downstairs studio on rainy days and water running down the inside of walls,

With the immense help of a grant of £10,900 from West Sussex County Council, project management expertise from Vic volunteer Andrea Schulewitz, some patient neighbours and a great team of roofers led by Arundel-based builder Pete Hansell, today was the first day we opened the doors after a night of heavy rain and found – no lake.

Now that the emergency repairs have been undertaken, we can begin to look forward. And yes, the façade is the next item on the list!