Arts Junction, a meeting of The Arts

A smorgasbord of poetry, music, art, dance and theatre
Monday 8th April for Arts Junction 7.30-10pm

Another helping of cultural kedgeree to set you up for the month ahead…

Sarah Higbee who can’t recall a time when she wasn’t writing stories and poems. These days, a lot of her energy goes towards writing science fiction and fantasy novels, but throughout her life she has produced a steady stream of poems. Several have been published in ezines such as Abandoned Towers (now defunct) and Every Day Poems. She taught Creative Writing at Northbrook College from 2009-2019, but then Life stopped after she contracted covid and was bedridden for long periods during 2021 and 2022 with Long Covid. She is now steadily recovering and has recently become a member of Swanbourne Poets.

Yvonne Baker has been published in magazines and included in anthologies. Her pamphlet Tree Light was a Cinnamon Award winner and her collection Love Haunts in Shades of Blue, won the Cinnamon Literature Award.

She belongs to several poetry groups: Chichester Stanza, Taking Your Work Further, Kith Poets and Second Light Network.

An excerpt from Drip Action Theatre under the direction of Deni Jones to whet the appetite for their upcoming production of The Cane by Mark Ravenhill.

Improbably, The Improbables are back. Ruffling the calm waters at Arts Junction under loose supervision from their leader the Highly Improbable Jo Scott with their ever-edgy comedy improvisation they’ll have every slumpee sitting bolt upright!

Kate Hogg studied Visual Arts and Music in Nottingham and performed in funk and world music groups. After travelling to Southern India to explore Karnatic flute playing, she composed and performed her own music as part of her degree.

Following a concert by the master bansuri player, Hariprasad Chaurasia from North India, she travelled to Holland to study at the Rotterdam Conservatorium, where he was teaching.

Kate followed a combined course in Jazz, World and North Indian classical music and performed around Holland, most notably at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Since returning to the UK, she qualified to teach Music in schools and taught as a peripatetic woodwind teacher for many years. Kate has been working with pianist Mark Edwards on creating improvised and arranged music with the Bansuri.

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