Arundel Literary Festival Evening Concert – Friday 8th March

Evening concert in the Red Room 8th March

An evening celebrating music, art and the spoken word.

Tickets are £15

Simon Brett

A Crime In Rhyme written and delivered by the master of the form.

Full Circle Jazz Quartet with Mandy Pannett and Polly Dutton

Brought together in one place and inspired by living in the South Downs of England, an artist, a poet and a contemporary music quartet have collaborated to produce ‘The South Downs Suite’.

“There is a happy tradition of pastoral celebration not just in British classical music, but in jazz as well. Recently we’ve had James Kitchman evoking his beloved Northumberland on Rain Shadows with Bruno Heinem, while Kate Westbrook’s Granite band is embued with the soul of Dartmoor and the West country. The Full Circle Quartet takes the concept several steps beyond, however.

Poetry and books of painting are hard behind this release plus a follow up of ensemble pieces. And all based on a vivid vision of the sights, sounds and nature of the South Downs. There are generic songs, such as the subtle awakening of ‘Oasis’ or the fittingly flighty ‘Dance of the Dragonfly’ by Davies. But there’s site specific songs too, like the moodily beautiful ‘Seven Sisters’ inspired by the chalk cliffs of the East Sussex coast.

But the suite’s not all bucolic romanticism. Indeed, much of the music was born from the band’s experiences of lockdown, a mix of isolation, awe and awareness of nature’s indifference to humanity. All the members compose, and the band plays with great service to the music. But it’s hard not to single out Davies, nightingale blithe on soprano and variously dark toned, even vicious on tenor. We’re lucky to be witnessing a generation of saxophonists like Davies, Trish Clowes, Tori Freestone and newer stars like Emma Rawicz and Asha Parkinson bringing a fresher sensibility to Adolphe’s invention.”
– Jazzwise Author: Andy Robson

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