Reduce back pain, knee pain - improve core strength, posture, balance, mobility, flexibility and focus.
Classes £9 per session. Taster/drop-in sessions £12
This flow class is suitable for all levels and those with injuries; Yoga that synchronises movement and breath to work the body in a nurturing way and calm the mind.
£10 per class x 4 consecutive weeks or £15 drop-in
There are many good reasons to practise yoga: it is simple to learn, it’s safe, it gives you energy, it improves your flexibility, and it improves focus and balance.
Classes £15 per session
I will be holding an Open Studio over the May bank holiday weekend, and look forward to welcoming everyone in for a browse and a chat.
May 25, 2024
Join Amanda Waring and discover the power of sound to enhance well being
June 5, 2024
Carefully Curated Cinema from CineVic. In rural Ireland, a quiet, neglected girl is sent away from her dysfunctional family to live with relatives for the summer where she blossoms and learns what it is to be loved.
A smorgasbord of poetry, music, art, dance and theatre
June 13, 2024
Big House duo with guests, bassist John Bedford and trumpeter David Hepworth
June 21, 2024
A soulful and modern edge with a strong country influence
June 22, 2024
An Edwardian woman’s fight for freedom, justice and unpolluted waters
June 29, 2024
A cinematic odyssey exploring David Bowie's creative and musical journey. From visionary filmmaker Brett Morgen, and sanctioned by the Bowie estate. Certificate 15