Future Plans

Our Vision: We want to create a 21st century, eco-friendly cultural and arts centre
An inclusive, welcoming place for the whole community; an inspiring space in which you can set your imagination free, where new talent can emerge, and where you can learn new skills; where all ages can share and enjoy world-class, innovative arts, and community activities.
Picture this: an international theatre group performs in The Red Room watched by a local theatre group, while the Youth Theatre group rehearses in The Green Room – then they all meet in the coffee bar.
The Vic is a grand old lady; building a future for her requires investment.
Luckily, we have a grand plan.
In 2015, The Friends of The Vic commissioned architect Tony Fretton to re-imagine the building for her next 170 years – and beyond.
The Vic… reborn for her community
Tony Fretton Architects have won awards around the world, but most importantly, Tony and his team design buildings that allow the arts, culture and community groups to breathe and grow.

Tony Fretton’s designs for The Vic include flexible, hi-tech spaces; with ecological building methods, carbon-neutral and green solutions used throughout the building.

While demand for public funding is at an all-time high following the COVID-19 crisis, we are going to press on. Why?

Because we believe in the future of The Vic, and she has earned her future. Our focus has always been – and will remain – the people who use The Vic.

To help them to meet, create, share, learn, and enjoy, we need to work on the bones of the building.

We have a new plan to improve The Red Room, to make it even more flexible and to achieve a long-held dream of using the space as a small cinema. We would also like to open up the ground floor, to include the courtyard space and to create a garden space at the back.

A place to meet, share, enjoy. Space to dream, create, innovate
The full project has projected costs of £3.9m, broken down into £2.9m capital costs and £345k for project development funding. The costs also include contingency funds of £500k and £30k for early community engagement and volunteer training.

To fund this future, The Vic’s trustees are applying to the Heritage Enterprise Fund and Arts Council England. We are also seeking engagement from other major art foundations.

Can you help?
Obviously, a few million quid would be great, but our community is rich in other ways. Can you help us? Are you a local business looking to sponsor an inclusive community project?

Are you looking for a space to host private or corporate events? Are you looking for a flexible space for community group meetings, fitness classes, an art exhibition, theatre or music performance? Do you need a room (with a bar!) for a celebration with family and friends?

Money raised from hiring our rooms goes directly towards The Vic’s standing costs and future repairs.

People Power
The Vic has always been for the people, now she needs vibrant volunteers to re-imagine and recreate her for the next generation(s).

Do you have ideas about The Vic’s future? Can you help us shape it together? We’d love to hear from you.